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Lotus V3 - Reviews

Lotus V3
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Lotus framework is a great framework - don't get me wrong. It has a lot of nice scripts, and features. The support is... fine I guess. But mostly it's the community who's answering your questions, and not the Lotus supporters. I do respect that they have a life, and doesn't use all their freetime for us customers. Right at the moment, I'm personally waiting for a new update to come out, (Which I've been waiting for, for a long time) so that I will hopefully have a server without errors. Right now (at least for me) i feel like the files are pretty unusable because of the bugs. Overall I give this product only 3 stars, because I feel like it's lacking a bit support and because there has not been any big updates for a long time.
Would i recommend you buying it? Yes and no. If you know what your doing and don't need that much help, you can do it all by yourself. But there is sometimes a lack of support and update's for sure. I can understand the lack of support because they also have a life, family.. But if you start something like this they have to know that there will be alot of people that asks for help. What they could do is find more support people or whatever. Then about the updates. I have this framework now for a good month and about update's its pretty sad, there is almost no update's as i see and for pepe framework there is almost daily changes and updates recently. Also bugs there are some of them, but every framework has bugs. This was my own critical opinion now i know there will be some people that say im wrong or not wrong but its my opinion but for the rest. The server runs very smooth, the scripts are some pretty damn good ones and if you want a good Dutch or English server i recommend you this one if you know already a bit from fivem developing.
A genuinely good framework, but it does have some drawbacks due to the language barrier. There is misstranslated text & a few minor bugs, but currently not comparable to some of the other frameworks I've seen. The overall quality of the content, including the overall optimization, is VERY good. This framework will require some knowledge when it comes to creating servers, I highly recommended that any server owner take the time to learn the basics before hiring a developer or rambling to support about bugs. As far as support goes with with people like ItzHighNL, Dylan, and Mike, it's quite good. With all that being said, still a 5 Star in my book. Thank you.
Altijd Goeie Support Bij High Development Super Framework!

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